What Is ZorNet?

We are a Christian based Gaming community that enjoys hanging out and learning about God, games, and technology. All are welcome regardless of belief.


We use Guilded to connect with each other and no longer rely on using website based forums for our primary means of communication.

Caring Community

We care about our community and do our best to create an environment everyone can participate and feel welcomed in.


We love interacting with each other in online games.


Founded by family and close friends, we do our best to keep a close eye on those that might cause harm to our community.

We Go Way Back!

ZorNet is not how we started but it's where we've landed and despite the hard times and trials of almost twenty years of gaming communities we are still here having fun and enjoying what we are passionate about together! Check us out If you're an old friend lost or someone new looking for a friendly place to call home!

Ready To Connect With US?

Click on the Discord or Guilded link below!