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  2. Have you ever come across a game that you didn't give much chance before and wonder why in the world you stopped playing because now as you are playing again, you are enjoying it immensely? That's what happened with me last week when I was desperate to play something in the flavor of an MMORPG. I've already gone through the gambit of others and gone back to some of my favorites from the past but nothing has me having a blast right now like Eve Online! Fans of Ogame, and any Sci-Fi space game will love this game! Because of the depth of the game there is a learning curve but having
  3. Oh yeah I know and I'm definitely not paying scalper prices!
  4. Lol yep! Also finding a 5950 is another thing still hard to find any 5000 series atm haha, but yea we are always upgrading! Now i gotta find use for this 8700k, definitely gonna keep it around since it has a relatively expensive bluray burner in it
  5. Hehe, I feel ya man. It's taken me months to finish builds including the one I'm on and the thing is I could add a 5950 in my MB because it's x570 and have a sweet upgrade from my 3700 but that crap is just too high and this is holding up good enough for me now anyway. I'm just glad I'll be able to upgrade to something substantial because if I start streaming again that upgrade would do nicely, lol. Who are we kidding.. we never stop upgrading something..
  6. parts are ordered except for the 2tb ssd's, with Taxes included I couldn't afford them, but I will add them sooner rather then later and yea this case is a brand new release, I've always skipped on cases, so went for something nice this time.
  7. Very nice! I was just thinking about Corsair today and even though I'm big on Logitech I might go with a pure Corsair build next time I build with Corsair keyboard, mouse, headphones, case, PSU. Their product always looks clean..
  8. so won't be getting the money needed till Friday but basically have my Build set in stone at this point. Case - Corsair 5000X Black RGB Case PSU - Seasonic Focus PX-750 750W Fully Modular 80+ Platinum Motherboard - Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Elite CPU - Intel Core i7 11700K Cooler Noctua NH-D9L RAM - 32GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro Storage 1 - 1TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIe4 m.2 SSD Storage 2 and 3 - 2TB WD Blue PCIe3 nvme m.2 SSD GPU - Existing 8GB Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super
  9. Zorlofe

    Lan Vid

    Nice, thanks for posting this!
  10. Some would like it to be but the fact is that the internet is still total crap in the church.
  11. iGamer

    Lan Vid

    Here is the last version I did of the LAN Vid.
  12. is this a precursor for an currently unkonwn announcement?
  13. This was written by Jacob A.K.A. TexasJSW, A.K.A. All-Day back in the day when we used to host LAN's all the time and I came across it recently and figured I would post it for the memories. Jacob has always had my back and without his help and friendship over the years I would have lost my mind many times. Doing this write up was one small example of how he would help me out with things like editing, sponsorships, setting up and breaking down LAN's, donating so much of his own time and even making sure I had something to eat just to name a few. If you're reading this, thanks Jacob for everythi
  14. Zorlofe

    Jerm's Birthday

    It's Jerm's Birthday!
  15. Well, I guess nobody wanted a prize, lol..
  16. You can now get the boardgame of Stardew Valley and from the images shown, the game looks like it well represents the video game so many have an affection for. Click HERE to buy the board game.
  17. Thanks! I'm in the process of moving the Pentium II to Windonws 95c, currently waiting on some Floppy disks to arrive, can't do anything till I make a boot floppy. All of this because the sound card I have has Windows 95 drivers and they refuse to work under 98SE
  18. I appreciate a man with passion!
  19. Zorlofe

    Me No Likey

    I generally like colder weather but Texas is not built for this. I'm not looking forward to losing internet/power/water/food/heat any time soon again. Post your winter pics in the Forum and show us how bad you've had it! The pic with the most likes gets a prize! Ends on the 26th. Image credit: USA Today
  20. I generally like colder weather but Texas is not built for this. I'm not looking forward to losing internet/power/water/food/heat any time soon. Post your winter pics in the forum and show us how bad you've had it! The pic with the most likes gets a prize! Ends on the 26th. Image credit: USA Today
  21. Version 5.17


    What is PersistentWindows? A poorly named utility that persists window positions and size when the monitor display count/resolution adjusts and restores back to it’s previous settings. For those of you with multi-monitors running on a mixture of DisplayPort and any other connection, you can run this tool and not have to worry about re-arranging when all is back to normal. Key features Keeps track of window position change in real time, and automatically restores window layout to last matching monitor setup. Support remote desktop session with multiple virtual monit
  22. sammmmeeeee

  23. Ready for this cold snap to be over!

  24. Past few years I have accumulated quite a few Retro Rigs, I'm only gonna post the basic specs for each, but if you want to know more, just message me here or Discord (or however you are used to communicating with me lol) White box 1 300MHz Intel Pentium II MMX 128MB RAM Win 98 SE Gateway Essential 400 400MHz AMD K6-2 256MB RAM Win98SE Compaq Presario 5000 Series 733MHz Pentium III 256MB RAM Win Me White Box 2 2.8GHz Pentium 4 2GB RAM Win XP Pro (probably moved to Win 2000 Pro SP4 soon
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