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September Pantheon Newsletter



The latest newsletter from Pantheon is out! This newsletter is what us Pantheon fans can't wait to read as we anxiously await to hear the news that Alpha is here. Included was something I have been waiting to hear about and that is about some more druid and wizard teleportation  specifics such as:


"How will Druid and Wizard teleportation be handled?

When a Wizard approaches a Gateway for the first time, they will be able to “discover” it. Part of that process includes speaking with the NPC Gatewalker who oversees that portal. Whether through conversation or quest, the Wizard will gain access to that Gateway as part of their network. Every Gateway they discover in this manner will become part of their ever-increasing network of Gateways. Druids will encounter an identical process, utilizing Wandering Stones.

Our plan is for the Wandering Stones and Gateways to become increasingly available to Druids and Wizards as part of a growing, interconnected network. Wizards/Druids will then be able to access all of their discovered portal locations through a UI window.

At higher levels, Druids/Wizards will be able to teleport themselves to the primary Gateway or Wandering Stone in order to access the network more quickly. In addition, they’ll eventually be able to bring their group members with them through the Gateway/Wandering Stone network."



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