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Surface Neo (Tablet) & Surface Duo (Phone) Show Off Folding Abilities & More



The Surface Neo, Microsoft's newly announced dual screen folding tablet is eye catching and features a 360-degree hinge for it's dual 9 inch displays so that it can be used as a small sized tablet that is capable of having it's screen size doubled.



Even more surprising is the details about a fold-able phone! You might be thinking why would they even try that again after their last fail in the mobile market but to make this even more interesting, it's going to be using Android as it's OS!



I'm not sure this phone would live long for clumsy people but in my opinion it looks gorgeous and I think might actually be a big hit but only time will tell as we are not looking at a release until the holidays in 2020. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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