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In case anyone was wondering what has been happening lately with all the ZorNet outages there is good reason why things have been the way they are. First I had some issue with my server that meant me reinstalling my server OS from scratch. Thankfully I keep good backups so some things that people rely on are just as they were. We also are having power outages and now we are being told we have trees that need to come down which is apparently some of the cause but on the same token during the same time we had an outage, other areas where I live went down and they weren't in my neighborhood so it can't just be our trees' fault! Work has also not been letting up and I've been dealing with alot of pain lately and lost a day of work today because of it. Financially things are still pretty rough so that makes it hard to get around and hang out with friends etc. so for those that haven't seen me for awhile..I'm sorry! I could go on but I think you get my point, lol!


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