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Red Dead Redemption 2 - My Impression



It's sometimes hard to sound objective when you yourself are having no real issues while many others are running a video game. Currently the web is littered with complaints about crashing, stuttering, etc. in RDR2 but I'm not having that problem. What I am having are a few disconnects for whatever reason. It's not that frequent but it's there. I finally had to speak up at a couple of sites online stating that I was having a blast and the game is worth but that's a hard pill to swallow for many who are having problems. Some people are getting around the problems though by disabling their antivirus or updating their video drivers which makes me think that maybe the problem is that some people are having issues because they are bunch of PC gaming noobs! I myself had already installed the latest NVIDIA drivers that included a patch for RDRD2 already before it was officially launched on the Rock Star game launcher so maybe that is what saved me from video issues. Rock Star has already done some patching though and it seems to have helped many people but there are still people having issues. All I know is that I'm not the only one online playing and see people all the time in game.


In saying all that above, I have to tell you that this is quite possibly the game of the year for me. I haven't even touched the single player and I'm really loving the online portion of the game except that I don't have any of my friends to join my posse and there is so much more we could accomplish together if that were the case. There are just so many magical moments that have already happened along with humor and the outright beauty of the game that makes me want more and more. For anybody who likes to stream I can see how this game could really draw in some viewers too as there are so many moments that you can role play with this game to make it really fun. The immersion is insane and sometimes it's easy to forget you are playing a game if you're not careful as it's not hard to be swept up by all the complexities that the nature of this game carries with it. So can I recommend this? That is a definite yes but understand that you may be one of the few waiting for a patch to fix whatever problems some people are having and also know that your PC may bleed trying to play this game in all it's splendor. So yeah, it does sound like a bit of a gamble but if the gamble pays off you will be in for a treat.


Let me know if you wind up getting the game and maybe you can join my posse and we can roam the Wild West together! Let me know your thoughts below..



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Yeah, the game definitely has a lot of rave reviews, especially the single player mode.  They just need time to work out the bugs.  What game doesn't have bugs, right?  I'm just surprised at the sticker price.  That $60 stings.  And I read that the MP had more real $$ purchasing built in to it to advance faster.  Maybe I'm old school, but if I'm going to shell out that much $$ up front I want the whole package.  Otherwise I wait until you discount it.  I'm really digging the game from what I've seen though.  So I'll definitely add it at some point.  I'll want to check it out some time on your account to.  Youtube videos only gives you so much experience.


Remember when we could do a trial beta thing with Battlefield.  Yeah, that would have been a good move to let us check it out before dropping the big bucks on it.

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Yeah I know what you mean and I don't know many games at launch that don't have bugs. I think people forget how much of a daunting task it is to produce or even port a game. And yes, it is nice being able to demo it first. I managed to snag the game for $53 with 25 gold bars for the pre-order and almost didn't do that but figured that was not a bad price considering most triple A titles cost $60 now anyway. You can get it for $55 at Green Man Gaming using the code "NOV8" right now still also but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner as well.

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