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Death to RGB!



More and more we are starting to see a showing of people who are over RGB themed cases, GPU's, Fan's, AIO Coolers, and so on. They want to start seeing things back to the more simplistic time with less lights and froo froo. Getting back to the basics means less cost when manufacturing hardware too. Like the excerpt pictured above I pulled from an add I got this morning there is a movement in the industry getting back to the basics as well. This makes a lot of sense from an economical stance but personally I like the lights and at the same time I can respect a completely blacked out theme as well. If you were to build a new rig today would you go with RGB or no RGB? Let me know your thoughts below!

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West LOVES RGB. I doubt I could convince him to go any other route. I don't have big feelings either way, but if I'm looking at it financially, I'll usually go the economical route. 

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