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PS5 Reveal



Today was the Playstation 5 reveal and as usual people have mixed reactions to it. Being a PC gamer mainly I don't really put much stock into any console release usually but that's not to say I don't enjoy some console gaming here and there. I have however paid a little more attention to the PS5 & new XBOX that are coming as they are both going to be pretty powerful consoles and I like powerful hardware! 🙂 I'm not going to go into any depth on that but I will say the PS5 looks alot different than what I was expecting vs other images that have been floating around for months. This all leads me to this question and that is are you planning on purchasing either the new XBOX or Playstation 5 when it comes out and why would you choose one over the other?

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Fun Fact: 

The PS5 Reveal Event Was the Most Watched Gaming Livestream in YouTube’s History

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