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New World Delayed (Again)



I had a busy day yesterday but a great day which is why this news is a bit delayed. The only part of my day that sucked was to open up my email to read the following below. I realize that happens but I like so many have been pretty desperate to play a new and hopefully good MMORPG especially since we need something to take our minds off of all the crap going on these days. The game I really want (Pantheon) is going to be some time before it's released and New World was something I was hoping to fill my time with until that happened. 2020 is without a doubt the year of disappoint. I have a feeling many are going to start cancelling their pre-orders as faith in Amazon Games is starting to wain with the failure of Crucible and now yet another delay with New World. People are starting to wonder if Amazon even knows what it's doing and if they are just making things up as they go. 


So the question is now, are you going to hang on to your pre-order or cancel? Holding onto it means you will get to play in the beta and see what it's like in the current state but at the same time do you trust Amazon to deliver at this point? Let me know your thoughts below or in the Forums!




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