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Better Get Ready to Upgrade Your Storage!



Unreal Engine 5's Nanite Engine has made some magnificent leaps in improvement of visuals but will also mean larger files sizes. We have already been seeing this happen and I've often heard many of you talking about the size of updates for many of the titles we play. I own a 1TB SSD that I install games on only and have had to on many occasions uninstall something I really wasn't playing at the time because of the size of updates and the general content of some games I have been playing as well. I think the days of being able to depend on a 500MB or 1TB SSD are coming to end soon but that is a trade off that many are ok with. However this means that consoles that are coming out soon will also quickly run out of room if games are using engine's such as Unreal 5 or similar. This of course also depends on many factors technically such as asset size etc. but the fact remains that if you are looking into building a new PC you might want to build with a larger size SSD for you storage needs and the rest of us may be upgrading soon unless we are all just playing very few games. Thoughts?

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