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Ashes of Creation - People Are Starting to Pay Attention



Ashes of Creation has been getting a ton of hype the past few days. The MMORPG community has been hearing a lot of interviews from Steven from the likes of the Nathan Napalm, Shroud, Asmongold, TheLazyPeon and the list goes on. More proof of what they said they are doing in the game has already been shown in game play videos that have been shown by the team making believers of those that scoffed at it before. Seeing more of the game in action as of late as well as very detailed questions answered that may not have been addressed before are really grabbing the attention of gamers that have been looking for a good MMORPG for some time now.


The corruption system addressing PVP in this open world game helps calm my PVE focused style of playing a little while still a bit apprehensive of being trolled via PVP when I just want to enjoy the PVE side of things. The depth of this game and the overall design goal of Ashes of Creation outweighs my fear of what PVP might be like though. I know that the majority of friends and family I enjoy playing MMORPG's with hate PVP so this is my biggest concern as I don't want to play without my friends and family.


For those that don't know though, I backed this game when it first hit Kickstarter and have the Braver of Worlds package giving me lifetime sub access to the game. I'm hoping the game will blow away my expectations since I bought so far into the game and because of this will most definitely be putting some time into it. I've never backed a game at this level before but when I first heard of this game and the talent behind it, I had a really good feeling that this game was going to be huge and out of all the research I had been doing trying to find a good game in the works led me to AoC. You can clearly see that it is now getting huge interest by some big names out there meaning that the chances of this game being successful as long as it doesn't fail to produce what's promised are pretty good.


I haven't left my love for Pantheon behind or put it aside for Ashes of Creation but I do think Ashes of Creation will launch before Pantheon does and I'm ready to finally sink my teeth into something that is actually worth playing again. If you take the time to watch any of the latest videos which are very easy to find in a youtube search, you will see how much is already functional in the game. Even though it's still early, the game looks beautiful and definitely catches the attention of my eyes and gives a better sense of immersion compared to lower budget titles with subpar assets. I know it's not all about the graphics but wow this games looks great! 


Talk about it more in our new Ashes of Creation Forums or down below and let me know if you are starting to feel some of the hype yourself!

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