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No News Is Good News Right?



This site doesn't get alot of traffic and that's no secret but it has it's uses still which is why I keep it up and it costs me nothing other than the cost of my internet connection to keep it up. For now and since it's progressed back to that as of late anyway, I'm going to use the ZorNet News section for just that (ZorNet news only) which includes changes to any servers I host or for an indication that something I run is down simply by noticing the site is down because if the site is down then most likely my whole server is down for maintenance or I've lost connection for some reason. So for those that are wondering, this place is still watched and monitored, I look out for messages but might not get to them right away just as I don't get to messages right away on my phone. I can be absent minded from communication sometimes, sorry folks.


In saying that, for those that don't know, I will be moving around January and when I do my great internet connection is no going with me. What this means is that I will basically have to shut down my servers from being publicly available as I won't have the bandwidth available to me that I used to. I am however going to leave this website up as it shouldn't be a huge strain on things with the little traffic it gets. If I get to the point of doing any projects I will still post them here and this is still a good semi-private place to meet without having to deal with some company trying to sell your info or having to deal with intrusive ads.


I know it's been awhile but I do have a project coming up soon and am thinking about doing a vlog about it. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please let me know. It will most likely be incredibly crude and horribly done as I don't have the gear or experience to make a good vlog like some folks you see on the youtubes but I'll do my best if there is enough interest. If I decide to do it, I will be covering the setup of a new server that will not replace my current server but become part of my lab and provide more redundant storage to everyone on my domain providing us our own private cloud to backup family photos, videos, documents, stuff for work and so on. The way I'm currently doing this isn't very ideal and the route that I'm going with will be a bit more professional and give me some more capability while also removing my dependency on the DAS solution that is horribly flaky and unreliable. This will also take time and will be a multi-part series as I won't have all the drives needed right away to finish what it is I'm trying to do but I will soon have a very good start to it all including a GPU for transcoding.


Anyway, that's all for now! Let me know your thoughts below..

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