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Sometimes You Gotta Give It Another Chance..



Have you ever come across a game that you didn't give much chance before and wonder why in the world you stopped playing because now as you are playing again, you are enjoying it immensely? That's what happened with me last week when I was desperate to play something in the flavor of an MMORPG. I've already gone through the gambit of others and gone back to some of my favorites from the past but nothing has me having a blast right now like Eve Online! Fans of Ogame, and any Sci-Fi space game will love this game!


Because of the depth of the game there is a learning curve but having a buddy that is currently playing like me can really help you get ahold of the basics. Some of the game can be really simplified if explained right and you get going pretty quickly in the expanse vast of space exploring hidden wonders, danger, and bounty! Graphics in this game are beautiful and the different ways in which you play Eve Online gives you so many ways to avoid boredom. Many people including me run two accounts as well and two box it. There is a ton of information for the game online to help you with any question or problem you might have so if you get lost in it all there is plenty of ways to find help. I'm in no way a veteran or know everything about the game but doing things like finding the type of ship you really want to fly next and training the right skills to use it and whatever you want to fit it with can simply be found out by going to Ship Tree.


The interface is actually very intuitive and once you've played around enough with the game you'll quickly know where to find what you need in the U.I. Everything links to itself in the game meaning if you don't know if you can use something yet it will show you that you can't and you can simply click on an image that breaks down what skills you need to buy, train, and level up. I could go on but if you are interested in dipping your toes in this game with me you can play the "Alpha" mode which is free but limited in functionality. Regardless you can get a lot done in Alpha. Eve Online's "Omega" package is basically their subscription model that opens up more in the game. The great thing is that once you get yourself established in the game you can make enough in game currency that you could buy "Plex" which when you have enough of Plex you can pay for the Omega Subscription plan!


Let me know if any of you decide to into it or at least try it so we can meet up in game!




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So my view of this has changed after the experience of having my new mining barge blown to bits by a corp that demands ISK so that I won't be constantly harassed and targeted. Any game that allows you to have your gaming experience destroyed by other bully corps is not for me personally. I know there are things I could do to get even but I won't support bullies in any way shape or form and would rather un-install. It's too bad as there are so many cool things about this game I enjoy but when you live in a world with so many other games to choose from why waste your time and emotion on one that allows this. My apologies to anyone that wasted their time on playing this after reading my initial post. Regardless it may still be your cup of tea but for now I'm moving on.

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