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Simple Rules & Guidelines

As a community grows so does the diversity of people along with different understandings of how we should interact and treat each other. Rules help define what is considered acceptable and in the process helps everyone to get along without stepping on each others toes.

In saying that please understand that we have multiple different age groups from children to older adults and these rules are there to protect the innocence of children that may be hanging out here and some of the children that play here are our own. Thank you so much for taking the time to go over this and for your respect and understanding in following these.


-ZorNet is rated PG at the highest! No inappropriate behavior, language or conversation will be tolerated here.
-There will be no file-sharing in this group or discussions/advocation of piracy.
- No politics
If you have any questions or are unclear about anything listed above please feel free to contact me.


Thanks Everyone!


  1. General Discussion

    Talk about anything on your mind that doesn't fit in elsewhere on the forums here.

  2. Introductions

    Don't be shy! Introduce yourself here!

  3. Faith Corner

    While we don't push our belief on others here at ZorNet, we are at heart a Christian based community. This area is to share our faith with each other and those who want to know more. If you find this offensive feel free to avoid this part of the forum.

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  4. Suggestion Box

    I can't promise I'll take you up on your suggestion but I'm definitely willing to listen and possibly add something requested to the website, Discord or whatever medium we use here.

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