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Once upon a time, when time was something that I actually had to spare, I like to record myself singing. I enjoyed fiddling with harmonies and layering voices together to create different sounds. I rarely posted any of it, but it was fun to do. We we move, I'm thinking about setting my amateur studio equipment back up and start recording again. I was recently talking with my manager at work and somehow the topic of music came up. She mentioned someone she once knew who now does vocals for movies. That's my dream job right there. I LOVE movie scores. Anyway, the conversation got me dreaming again and my imagination is running wild, so now I'm itching to record again. 


What is your dream job? What personal projects are you up to or thinking about getting started on soon? Drop a comment 👇👇 let's get inspired!

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I was thought being a cartoon voice actor would be fun or even better a professional taco taste tester, but being a pro gamer would be the ultimate dream job for me except for the fact that my reflexes aren't what they used to be and my twitchiness is gone, lol.


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