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What is a LAN Party?

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This was written by Jacob A.K.A. TexasJSW, A.K.A. All-Day back in the day when we used to host LAN's all the time and I came across it recently and figured I would post it for the memories. Jacob has always had my back and without his help and friendship over the years I would have lost my mind many times. Doing this write up was one small example of how he would help me out with things like editing, sponsorships, setting up and breaking down LAN's, donating so much of his own time and even making sure I had something to eat just to name a few. If you're reading this, thanks Jacob for everything, I appreciate you more than you know and value our friendship/brotherhood!


What is a LAN Party?

A LAN (Local Area Network) Party is a group of PC’s or consoles networked together so that everyone involved can either get online and play together or just play together on the local network without the internet. To gamers this can be an insane amount of fun as we play either with or against each other. It’s a whole different experience than just playing by yourself on your PC or console at home. If you are a gamer or aspiring one you’ve got to join in with us on this fun experience!

LAN Preparation

Preparing for a LAN party can be a lot of work and sometimes overwhelming and often times first timers are not sure what to expect. Below is a little guide to serve as a reminder or to help new people plan for any LAN especially the big ones we host once a year!

Very important :
- A computer + its power cable
- A screen + its power cable + its connector cable
- Input devices, such as keyboard and mouse
- Update & Patch your PC before you come. If you don’t you’ll slow the network or internet down and cause major headaches for everyone.
- Network cable of sufficient length (Just in case but not necessary)
Sufficient length mostly means 10 feet or more.
- Power Strip with more than enough connectors for all your PC hardware (Again, just in case but not necessary)
- Food
Be prepared to pitch in for some food or to make a trip to the nearest food place. Bring some snacks too.

- Software
Bring all your necessary software with you. This includes, but is not limited to :
… your Windows (or other Operating System) CD or install medium (a USB stick for instance)
… drivers for your hardware, in case you need to reinstall your PC
… games
… anything you can think of, basically

- Personal hygiene stuff
You’re going to be around for hours so it’s nice if ya take a shower before you come ya know? Also, bringing a stick of deodorant won’t hurt to freshen up later. 

- Sound
It is imperative that you bring a headset and not speakers, so you won’t disturb or distract others with noise or foul language from your computer or game that you are playing.


You never know what might come up and you may need some money. Perhaps a failed video card and so you may need to make an emergency trip to the local store for a new one?

-Also, no sharing files or anything over our network. It’ll only take up bandwidth and ruin the experience for everyone else. Although it’s probably questionable if you’re sharing stuff, it’s not something anyone wants to waste time policing, so if you plan on sharing stuff just bring an external hard drive or something.

A Little Warning For Parents

If you’re a parent with a child you are wanting to bring to C.G.U. we feel it important to warn you that some of the games played here not only contain violence but language that is pretty harsh. I myself don’t let my youngest daughter play with us while we are playing Battlefield 3 because the language itself is horrific. On the other hand while some game titles have this issue, we ourselves require anyone at C.G.U. to keep their own language clean and stay away from vulgar talk. We do specifically have some console games that don’t have bad language and if your child is under 16 that’s what we would rather have them play and we hope you feel the same. If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask us!



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4 hours ago, iGamer said:

is this a precursor for an currently unkonwn announcement?


Some would like it to be but the fact is that the internet is still total crap in the church.


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