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  1. I am Heartcri. I am Zorlofe's wife. It is nice having a tech as a husband. Although I am not a tech by any means, I am not computer illiterate either as most of the ladies I have worked with are. I am a hair stylist that specializes in haircuts. I do like playing computer games but I would not call myself a gamer by any means. I like to mostly play MMORPG games. This is something I can just unwind after a long week at work. I enjoy reading and doing crafts in my spare time.
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  2. Hello my name is Rosanna my husband is Warstrong (Scott) I am a mother of 4 kiddos 3 girls and 1 boy My daughter plays Apex on my husbands account we live in Texas and i feel im always Hot ... I love Gaming and watching Horror movies and anything Paranormal , I am getting my associates cant wait to be finished at the moment i am a Preschool headstart teacher .
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  3. Hi, I'm Scott aka Warstrong72. Husband to DeathByDraguns and father to 4 wonderful kids. Love me some gaming and meeting new folks. I have my own business doing wood, metal, and leather work, and hobbies include reading, tech work. It's a pleasure to meet each and everyone of you!
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  4. Hi I'm Zorlofe and this is my little corner in the world! Everything you see here is hosted on my server at home. I'm cheap and like the idea of running things on my own terms. This is one of many sites that I have set up and run in many years. I'm an IT guy and like to tinker with things to broaden my knowledge and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Gaming and Technology are my hobbies and what you'll usually find me doing in my spare time. If you want to ask any other questions about who I am feel free to ask!
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