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  1. As the title states, Visionary Realms gave us an updated map of King's Reach in their most recent developer stream which may not seem like a big deal to some but for those watching and waiting this shows us that much more detail has been added to the gaming world leaving room to speculate or imagine what certain parts of the updated map could hold especially for those waiting to test Pantheon in the next go-around. I can tell you my excitement for Pantheon certainly hasn't died down and we are starting to see with updates like this that something is definitely brewing!
  2. I did not write the following below but I see alot of back and forth over this topic and I thought why not share what I came across for not getting the vaccine and found it interesting and well put together. Most people I know are very split on this topic and some people will downright tongue lash you for not getting the jab but I think each person should have the freedom to make their own choice as that is the American way but I do also think you shouldn't dive in as this is not a flu shot type of vaccine. If you are one the fence read this first..
  3. After talks with Microsoft for doing the same fell through, today's announcement of Discord partnering with Sony is an interesting twist indeed. Discord is said to be integrated into Playstation by 2022 which for many gamers will be a huge plus to it's platform. Although integration with XBOX happened three years ago the depth of it's integration will likely not be as good as what it will be with Playstation. Image Credit: WCCFTECH
  4. So my view of this has changed after the experience of having my new mining barge blown to bits by a corp that demands ISK so that I won't be constantly harassed and targeted. Any game that allows you to have your gaming experience destroyed by other bully corps is not for me personally. I know there are things I could do to get even but I won't support bullies in any way shape or form and would rather un-install. It's too bad as there are so many cool things about this game I enjoy but when you live in a world with so many other games to choose from why waste your time and emotion on one that
  5. Have you ever come across a game that you didn't give much chance before and wonder why in the world you stopped playing because now as you are playing again, you are enjoying it immensely? That's what happened with me last week when I was desperate to play something in the flavor of an MMORPG. I've already gone through the gambit of others and gone back to some of my favorites from the past but nothing has me having a blast right now like Eve Online! Fans of Ogame, and any Sci-Fi space game will love this game! Because of the depth of the game there is a learning curve but having
  6. Oh yeah I know and I'm definitely not paying scalper prices!
  7. Hehe, I feel ya man. It's taken me months to finish builds including the one I'm on and the thing is I could add a 5950 in my MB because it's x570 and have a sweet upgrade from my 3700 but that crap is just too high and this is holding up good enough for me now anyway. I'm just glad I'll be able to upgrade to something substantial because if I start streaming again that upgrade would do nicely, lol. Who are we kidding.. we never stop upgrading something..
  8. Very nice! I was just thinking about Corsair today and even though I'm big on Logitech I might go with a pure Corsair build next time I build with Corsair keyboard, mouse, headphones, case, PSU. Their product always looks clean..
  9. Zorlofe

    Lan Vid

    Nice, thanks for posting this!
  10. Some would like it to be but the fact is that the internet is still total crap in the church.
  11. This was written by Jacob A.K.A. TexasJSW, A.K.A. All-Day back in the day when we used to host LAN's all the time and I came across it recently and figured I would post it for the memories. Jacob has always had my back and without his help and friendship over the years I would have lost my mind many times. Doing this write up was one small example of how he would help me out with things like editing, sponsorships, setting up and breaking down LAN's, donating so much of his own time and even making sure I had something to eat just to name a few. If you're reading this, thanks Jacob for everythi
  12. Zorlofe

    Jerm's Birthday

    It's Jerm's Birthday!
  13. Well, I guess nobody wanted a prize, lol..
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