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  1. Seems to me gamers just keep getting disappointed this year. Either with the games themselves being pushed back (New World, Watch Dogs: Legion, ETC) or expansions for some of our favorites. Let us know how you feel about these delays in the comments below! https://www.pcgamer.com/destiny-2-beyond-light-expansion-delayed-to-november/
  2. Just a reminder that I'm on the road to 50, so thought I'd start 2 years before that. I'll be 48. (not getting any prettier, but dang sure a lot meaner)
  3. Well guess I'm super late with the happy birthday Zorlofe?

    1. Zorlofe


      Lol, yeah! Where were you?!?!?! 😛

    2. Warstrong72


      Well, There was this thing...at band camp!

  4. The video game industry will hold several virtual conferences and presentations throughout the latter half of this summer as part of its ongoing plan to keep game announcements rolling despite a global pandemic. Several big names in game publishing have events scheduled throughout July and August, including Ubisoft and Xbox. Check out an updated schedule of upcoming online events and how to access them below. All times are shown as PST. Also Read: Watch 'Weird Al' Yankovic's 'Hamilton Polka' Music Video Made From Mashed up Disney+ Footage July 12: Ubisoft Forward Ubisoft’s one
  5. Hey folks, just wanted to see what you all have planned for the day?
  6. https://www.techradar.com/news/fallout-tv-show-on-amazon-prime-trailer-release-date-predictions-and-what-we-know
  7. Happy Independence day!
  8. OK, two questions folks. 1. what brings you to the awesome realm of ZorNet? and 2. favorite genre of game? Best answers gets a shark with a frickin laser beam. (Kidding) (maybe)
  9. Hey folks, Warstrong72 here. I'm open to any questions you want to ask. I'll answer them as best as possible!
  10. Hi folks. I'm Warstrong72 and I made my introduction the other day. Well The all wise Zorlofe has decided to give me the roll of moderator, to which I'm proud to take on. That being said, I will do my best to post great content for y'all and will Try to answer any questions you might have. or if You just need an ear to listen, I'm here. So come and get to know me and I you! Sincerly Scott A.
  11. If you haven't heard of this, or are new to the battle royal community, go check this out and tell us what you think of it.
  12. Hi, I'm Scott aka Warstrong72. Husband to DeathByDraguns and father to 4 wonderful kids. Love me some gaming and meeting new folks. I have my own business doing wood, metal, and leather work, and hobbies include reading, tech work. It's a pleasure to meet each and everyone of you!
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