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  1. Yeah, the game definitely has a lot of rave reviews, especially the single player mode. They just need time to work out the bugs. What game doesn't have bugs, right? I'm just surprised at the sticker price. That $60 stings. And I read that the MP had more real $$ purchasing built in to it to advance faster. Maybe I'm old school, but if I'm going to shell out that much $$ up front I want the whole package. Otherwise I wait until you discount it. I'm really digging the game from what I've seen though. So I'll definitely add it at some point. I'll want to check it out some time on your
  2. Jerm

    Move Over Ogame!

    I'm all over that. Gonna check it out.
  3. Looks like fun. I'll have to give it a try when released.
  4. Actually had fun playing it. I could get in to it given some time.
  5. Installing it to try it out this weekend. Looks interesting. I'm still interested to see what Ashes of Creation MMO will be like.
  6. Cool. So probably another utility like the robot.
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