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  1. We moved, like, 5 months ago, but I've finally got things just about where I want it. May pull out my sound board and mic and set them up to the right later on.
  2. RIP. problem solved. not mad about the upgrades though. they were needed regardless. Now I'm itching to do more upgrades.... *edit* was not expecting the pic to come out so blown up! my bad!
  3. well, it seems the buzzing is not resolved after all....
  4. IT'S ALIIIIIVVVVEEE! We have success! I haven't installed the SSD yet (waiting on a data cable) but the power supply is in and is powering beautifully AND QUIETLY!! Woot!
  5. Ive been have a very whiny computer for the past few months. The hypothesis is that I've overloaded the power supply when I put in a beefier graphics card. I just got a new power supply and SSD in today and plan to install them this weekend. Hopefully, that will fix my problems.
  6. update: after reading nothing but bad reviews (literally zero positive reviews), we opted against this...
  7. We may have to look into this now. Virgin Mobile US is ending in February and they are transferring us over to Boost Mobile with the promise that we can keep our current rates and numbers until we switch to a different plan. I am a bit sad because I have been with VM for nearly 10 years.
  8. Happy belated birthday to The Great Lofe. We all love ya

    1. Zorlofe


      Thank you! Love you all too! 🙂

  9. Lesslithia

    Death to RGB!

    West LOVES RGB. I doubt I could convince him to go any other route. I don't have big feelings either way, but if I'm looking at it financially, I'll usually go the economical route.
  10. I think that's exactly what he wants, actually
  11. I'll taste test tacos all day long.
  12. Once upon a time, when time was something that I actually had to spare, I like to record myself singing. I enjoyed fiddling with harmonies and layering voices together to create different sounds. I rarely posted any of it, but it was fun to do. We we move, I'm thinking about setting my amateur studio equipment back up and start recording again. I was recently talking with my manager at work and somehow the topic of music came up. She mentioned someone she once knew who now does vocals for movies. That's my dream job right there. I LOVE movie scores. Anyway, the conversation got me dreaming aga
  13. Who's got time for hobbies when you're wrangling a tiny godzilla?

  14. Cowboy RPG is right. We got it on PS4 and its pretty fun and immersive. Even just watching West play, I got attached to the characters. The story line4 is worth giving the campaign some attention.
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